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Gunvor og Trond Besseberg

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Important info : If you plan to stay at Villa Rørvik in the summermonths  then recommended the reservation process as early as possible.


Villa Rørvik are a villa with three Apartments intended fortouristd, visitors to local Companies, as well for those who come to experience large and small events in Svelvik.

Gunvor and Trond Besseberg are the owners and hosts Villa Rørvik, and they also live there.

Rørvik property is beautiful situated at the coast line at the Drammen Fjord. The property has it own separate Beach.

From the docks there are good opportunities for Fishing.

The distance to Svelvik city is only 1. kilometers.

As a guest at Villa Rørvik you have many opportunities to enjoy your selves in a pleasant and relaxing way. There are cosy seating Groups placed araound the property. In the summer time guest can have their meals outside and enjoy the wiev at bustling life on the fjord.

All Three Apartments have their special trait and appears in a mothern and warm interior. You will find Wireless Internet Connection, TV-DVD in all Apartments.

They also contain small Kitchen units where you can prepare Your own meals. Each Apartments has comfortable beds for 4 persons.

All Apartments at Villa Rørvik are non-smoking.

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